Pinglei Guo 郭平雷

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Time line

Sep. 2016 - Mar. 2018 (Expected)     MS. Computer Science University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)

Nov. 2012 - June 2016                       BS. Material Science Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)


I am a second year master student in University of California Santa Cruz learning Computer Science. My main focus is on distributed systems and databases, especially distributed time series databases. I will be graduated on Mar. 2018 and is seeking for fulltime position as Software Engineer or Site Reliabity Engineer.

I am currently working on a distributed time series database benchmark suite called Xephon-B, which is not only a benchmark tool, but also a platform where researchers and vendors can share their benchmark results including raw data.

Along with Xephon-B, I am also building a distributed time series database Xephon-K using Xephon-B to guide performance optimization. It is written in Go, but will be ported to C++ to make use of parallel hardware like GPU to accelerate in memory time series data processing in the future.

For previous research, I have enhanced a distributed system monitoring application in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China with Prof. Cao for 8 month on a collaborative project with China Telecom, Shanghai. During a two month visist in Victoria University, Australia, I worked on web crawling and text mining with Prof. Jing to estimate AFL sportsmen's comercial value.

I was fullstack web developer and former president of Dongyue Web Studio, where students build web and mobile application for non-profit orgnizations and startups. I am also the former architect for Tongqu, an online campus event platform with more than 10,000 active users and solved high concurrency problem with limited hardware resource.

Before going to UCSC I studied Masterial Science in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China as my parents are all professors in related field. However I found I got more interest and talent in computer science. Apart from the CS sources I took in SJTU, the experience in Dongyue Web Studio is turly valueable. I got chance to learn cutting edge technologies in web development and parctice with amazing collegues on real projects like Tongqu. Started as a novice front end developer and ended up being a full stack developer and the studio president, I gained experience about team work and how to let the project ship in time - stop creating wheels and over optimization, iterate rapidly.

I am quite active on GitHub, contributing to opensource projects and creating wheels with my friends in Dongyue Web Studio and Tongqu. If you are interested on my distributed time series database projects, you can find them on GitHub under Xephon.


2016.9 - Present MS. Computer Science University of California Santa Cruz
2012.9 - 2016.6 BS. Material Science and Engineering  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
2009.9 - 2012.6 High School Beijing National Day School


PayPal: Software Engineer Intern

Worked with PaaS team on internal container orchestration platform. Built API gateway and enchanced admin dashboard.

GitCafe: Software Engineer Intern

GitCafe is the first git hosting company in China, focusing on enterprise and education, it is now accquired by I met Rainux and Simsicon on Hackshanghai hackathon during road show and got an internship opportunity. I worked as a Ruby engineer during school's winter vacation. I closed a lot of tickets and fixed some nasty encoding problem caused by third party libraries. Also my knowledge for Git itself and Git workflow increased a lot since GitCafe is a git hosting company.

Following is my contribution during internship at GitCafe

Dongyue Web Studio

Dongyue Web Studio is formed by students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Most of them are undergraduate students major in computer science and internet security. It's the place where I started to learn real programming. Unlike course projects, I got chance to collobarte with experienced senior students and hear lectures from alumins working in Google, Microsoft. The product we developed is used by thousands of students in the campus and we also help startups to build their prototype. I took an active part in the studio, though I majored in Material Science, my efforts let me stand out and end up being the president of the studio.

Major contribution to Dongyue Web Studio


University of California Santa Cruz

I am working on Xephon-B A time series benchmark tool for my distributed system class. I am also working with PhD student on distributied systems consistency validation using Jepsen For my master thesis I am planning to build a hybird time series and graph database for analytics.

Research Assitant Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

I joined Prof. Cao's lab because I heard from collegues in the studio that he is looking for someone to develop a dashboard for a distributed system monitor prototype. Though I'm good at web development, I have more interest in doing lower level programming. So when the senior students left the project, I got the chance to refactor the old code. My knowledge for Java and computer network are limited to what is taught in the course. Thanks to this project I got to know how protocols work by design a simple plain text protocol to transform data and control probe's behaviour. Also I have made contribution to open source projects like KairosDB, a time series database based on Cassendra.

Research Assitant Victoria University, Australia

Since I want to know more research environment and culture outside China. I spent my summer vacation as reseach assitant in Prof. He's group. A tax consultanting company in Melbourne want to know what's their customers estimated commerical value, most of them are sports man in Australia Football. I am repsponsible for collecting data and some minor text mining tasks. Since all the other students use C#, I gave up my favorite language PHP and wrote a crawler in C# and embed it in a ASP.NET web application. As for text mining, we need to figure out press and social media's opinion towards an athlete and combine with his performance to generate their commerical value rank. The project is still working in progress when I head back to Prof. Cao's lab, other two PHD students are still working on the text mining part to improve accurace and estimate the whole market value based on advertisement and press.


Language Go, Jave, PHP, JavaScript, Python, SQL, C++, Scala
Database Cassandra, Solr, MySQL, Redis, TSDBs
DevOps Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Mesos, Aurora
Framework Angular, Laravel, Spring, Dropwizard, Express, Rails, CUDA, Hadoop